Coming Together : The Erotic Cocktail

Smut. Porn. Erotica. Whatever you want to call it, ladies and gentlemen... This is it!


Coming Together: An erotic cocktail is an impressive collection of stories, poetry and illustrations by amateurs from across the globe. In these pages you are sure to find feelings, thoughts, dreams and desires that will strike very close to home. There are stories of the mundane made glorious, and stories of the glorious made mundane. There are fantasies that could never happen in real life, and others that most certainly could and probably have. There are sexual orientations of every kind, positions galore, and more than a few moments that will make you laugh out loud even as you get turned on. There will be times you want to put this book down, and there will be times you simply cannot bear to do anything but keep reading. In other words, everything you want is right here.

~ Gwen Masters

 Coming Together (volume two)





Republished 6 April 2009 in ebook by eXcessica (BUY IT!) and in print from Amazon/CreateSpace (BUY IT!).  Read about previous editions of this volume in the Coming Together Playbill, a comprehensive-ish media kit, guidebook, and who's who.


Table of Contents

  • Foreword (The Earl)
  • Preface (Alessia Brio)
  • Dr. Bob and His Dildo (Blackie Malone)
  • XES (Jamison Landry)
  • Wet Panties? (Will Belegon)
  • A Seduction in the Dark
  • Sock Love (Jamie Redmond)
  • Invisible (Janie Andersen)
  • Buzz Me (Rob Graham)
  • Almost Enough (Will Belegon)
  • Possession (Sherry Hawk)
  • May (George Box)
  • Public Humiliation (Tatelou)
  • Chocolate Sauce and Handcuffs (Justanne Farrow)
  • There’s Always Heaven (Alessia Brio)
  • Outdoor Angie (Jess Malarkey)
  • With You Without Me (Dar~)
  • Be Gentle with Her (Alex de Kok)
  • base+ment (4degrees)
  • A Honeymoon Affair (Edward Teach)
  • Bite Me (Liar)
  • Do You Still Love Me? (Dranoel)
  • Questions (Justanne Farrow)
  • Pleasing Ellie (Janie Andersen)


* poetry is italicized


Conceived online in the® Authors' Hangout, Coming Together is the result of many hours of collaboration between some very talented authors, poets, and illustrators who have (ahem) "come together" to produce a scintillating erotic cocktail.  In each volume of this series, the reader may partake of a variety of intoxicating spirits: group sex, romance, both hetero- and homosexual romps, humor, incest, bondage, anal sex, dominance/submission, fantasy, and fetish.  While each individual ingredient may not suit the tastes of every reader, the savory combination of flavors is sure to stir every imagination.


Proceeds from the sale of Coming Together Volumes 1-2-3 will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which works to protect our digital freedoms.

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