Coming Together : Off World
Coming Together welcomes novella-length fiction submissions in this line! Please query.
Coming Together: Off World
Zero gravity sex? You betcha! Terraforming parties and ménage? Absolutely!  Sentient aliens and subjugation?  Bring it on!

Coming Together: Off World is a line of erotic fiction with an off-earth theme. We're seeking stories over 5,000 words for release as single titles. Individual stories may eventually be combined into an anthology. Exclusivity is not required as long as the author owns the rights. No simultaneous submissions, please.

All proceeds from the sale of this line will benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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When time runs out, people get desperate. That's why Shauna volunteered for the suicide mission against the alien Zets. Time was nearly up for the human survivors of a centuries-old war, so why not? Yearning for revenge leads to desperate measures. But then again, so does love. Somewhere in the intersection of those two powerful motivators, Shauna & Chuyen test the limits of their desires. (M/F romance | 5700 words | 99˘) SMASHWORDS | AMAZON

BLUE by Gayle C. Straun
It's a civilized planet for human beings. Ladies meet in the afternoon to take tea at the club. Their men have respectable pursuits, such as running plantations or serving in the military. And the Blues, those native to the planet, play their proper role serving these civilizing angels. For Eleanor, though, the news that one of these placid Blues has risen up and killed his master means so much more than it does for the ladies at the club. For tonight, her husband is coming home, and he... likes to watch. Can she play his game, enact his fantasy, while living in terror of this servant race? Can her fear, mixed with desire, guide her to a true understanding of the strange, the alien? (M/F interracial romance | 6400 words | 99˘) SMASHWORDS | AMAZON

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