Coming Together : Neat featuring Wendy Stone

WENDY STONE has been writing professionally since 2006. There's nothing she enjoys more than coming up with worlds and peopling them with strong macho type men and alpha females who enjoy kicking ass and then going home to cuddle.

Ryder's Mate is her first attempt at writing same sex erotica, and she found it appealing as well as just plain fun. She named the character after her grandson who was, at the time, just three weeks old. She spends her free time with her dogs and her computer, trying to ignore the mayhem that spouts in her home at frequent intervals. Her fans are her inspiration and the reason that she enjoys writing so very much.

Ryder's Mate (Wendy Stone)Ryder's Mate
Ryder James knows from the moment he meets Jesse Krantz that Jesse is trouble. Figuring out what kind of trouble is not so easy. Ryder knows his duty: to protect the people of Sanctuary, Michigan. Period. If that means ignoring his instant attraction toward the impetuous young man, so be it.

Jesse Krantz is looking for explanations or revenge. Will the truth he finds in Sanctuary end his life or save it?

Coming Together: Neat is proud to present erotic paranormal author Wendy Stone's first venture into gay male romance with a tale of two men who want very different things but also want each other.





Last updated Saturday April 08, 2017