Coming Together : Neat featuring Jennifer Aarons


Jennifer Aarons is the nom de plume of Jennifer Lesh, who holds a Masters degree from the University of Illinois, Chicago. Her work can be found in various online and print journals, such as Every Night Erotic, Clean Sheets, and The Erotic Woman. Her works have also been included in Daily Flashes of Erotica 2011, an anthology published by Pill Hill Press, as well as in Stretched, an anthology published by Rubicund Publishing, 2011. Her short story collection His and Hers was published by Books to Go Now in 2012. Ms. Lesh is currently working on a sequel to Death Will Be Sweet.


Coming Together: NeatDeath Will Be Sweet
Sean Clarke is a dandy of a vampire who has just been dumped by his Maker after five hundred years of gallivanting the globe together. In Edwardian London, he finds himself wanting to do a bit of shagging in an attempt to soothe broken heart. He soon finds himself smitten by a young socialite, Hannah Dorchester. However, Hannah is different than any other creature with whom Sean has associated. Will he survive their trysts?




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